Gallianoz is on a mission to introduce people to real chocolate and to share with you what it is meant to be. "One bite of these handcrafted morsels will change the way you think about chocolate forever." Classic fine chocolates along with some unexpected twists like the signature south Indian coffee truffle or caramel roasted cashew chocolates will send your tastebuds in throes of ecstasy.

We don't use extracts,concentrates or flavourings. Our complementing flavours come directly from their natural sources.

We use the best of nuts and dried fruits, some from California and Turkey - the best we can find !

Only the finest "au naturel" ingredients are used in our truffles and chocolates. Each piece is made by hand, here at our workshop. 

A note about our  Gallianoz  custom designed chocolates - 'Gallianoz chocolates are crafted from the freshest and purest ingredients and because they contain no preservatives, we stand by their quality. They keep best under regulated temperatures and should be enjoyed within one month of purchase.

Our flavours :

         *  Roasted Almond Dark Truffle
         *  Walnut  Dark Truffle
         *  Roasted Cashew Caramel
         *  Date and Coconut
         *  Coffee Truffle
         *  Crunchy Peanut Butter
         *  Fig and Almond Truffle
         *  Apricot and Honey Truffle
         *  Coconut Caramel Truffle
         *  Rose and Pistachio Truffle  

Don't find the flavour of your choice....
We'll make it for you !